The Centennial

This 599 carats rough diamond was discovered in the Premier Mine in South Africa in 1986. It was commissioned to Gabi Tolkowsky to be cut.

Tolkowsky and the Centenary diamond

Enormous care was taken to make the cutting work which led to obtaining a diamond of 273.85 carats, D color (Exceptional Plus ) , measuring 39.9 x 50.50 x 24.55 mm, carrying 247 facets. Never before have so many facets been polished on one diamond.

Le Centenaire

It was presented in 1988 at the ceremony of the centenary of the De Beers Company and received, of course, the name of Centennial.
Insured at that time for $ 100 million, it is exposed at the Tower of London since 1991.

The diamond is eternal both on a diamond solitaire or on any diamond piece of jewelry.

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