The shapes of diamonds

Round Brilliant Diamonds
The Round Brilliant cut is the most famous among diamond shapes. The brightness and fire of the stone come out and catch the eye. It accounts for about 80% of the diamonds sold worldwide.

Princess Cut Diamonds
The Princess cut comes after the Round Brilliant cut, quite fancy and still original. Usually square or rectangular with many sparkling facets, it is often chosen for engagement rings. Still growing in popularity, it won’t let you blind !

Emerald Cut Diamonds
The quaint shape of this cut is one of the most unique you will find because of the several step cuts. It produces a “hall-of-mirrors” effect, which makes give it an amazing look. Inclusions and color are more easy to detect due to this particular cut, it has lost popularity and dropped off in sales.

Oval Cut Diamonds
Perfect for diamond rings, the Oval cut is a slightly modified Round Brilliant cut that accentuates all the brightness of the stone.

Marquise Cut Diamond
Some will think “football”, others will think “smile of a Marquise”. Another modified Round Brilliant, elongated shape with pointed ends, looking gorgeous used as a solitaire as well as enhanced by smaller diamonds.

Pear Cut Diamonds

The Pear cut may remind you of a tear drop, quite brilliant. This hybrid cut is a combination of the Round shape and the Marquise shape, giving it an outstanding sparkling effect. This shape is quite flattering when mounted on a ring, the point facing the nail.

Heart Cut Diamonds
With the Heart cut diamond, all the symbolism of love and romance stands out. Coming from a modified pear-shaped diamond, the stone can vary greatly in lenght and width. The cleft at the top has to be sharp for the diamond to be really good looking, thus a perfect symmetry is essential to get all the beauty of this shape.

Cushion Cut Diamonds
The first time the Cushion shape appeared was almost 200 years ago under the name of the “Old Mine Cut”. It is a square cut with rounded corner, similar to a pillow.

Radiant Cut Diamonds
The Radiant Diamond is a modified square shape making a nice link between a cushion cut and a princess cut diamonds. Taking advantage of the herited brilliant cut, its 70 facets grant the effect of its color refraction.

Asscher Cut Diamonds
The Asscher shape is the closer you can get to the emerald cut, the only differences being its larger step facets, dramatically cut corners and square shape.