how to choose a jewel


I wish to offer a jewel but I have no idea on how to make this choice

The first question to ask is : who is the person you want to offer this jewel ? Is it just a friend, your spouse, a love passing etc…?

You should then observe her complexion (matte colored or white), the color of her eyes, her style (young style 30 years or older), clothing (classic, fashion or casual) her hair (hair color, long or short hair), the jewelry she wears (classic, modern or stylized, fancy jewelry or more traditional jewels), all indications that will be very useful to guide your decision. At this point you begin to have a vague idea of what might make her happy.

Consider also the conformation of the person. If she has a round face rather choose a long form of jewelry: shaped diamond drop earrings, a lying necklace or a diamond pendant. If she has a long neck opt for a ringer diamond necklace which will enhance her beauty.

For a diamond ring long fingers support all forms of rings (elongated, broad, with kitten diamond solitaire height, you and me or trilogies etc…). For short fingers, you should avoid rings with high volume.

For jewelry with precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds) consider that the stone must be in harmony with her complexion, her style of outfits, her hair, the color of her eyes … etc.

You also may decide based on the symbolism of the stone given the usual mood and personality to whom the gemstone jewel is intended. Anyone has a favorite color… Her astrological sign may also have an influence on the choice you are going to make. Now you start to get a first “feeling” of the jewel you might choose…

More generally, the diamond is the gemstone most sought after and most appreciated by women because the diamond blends with all colors, all styles, all skin tones, all conformations and carries jewelry for all occasions with required more sophisticated to the most casual.

The diamond jewelry (diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants …) is “the best friend of the woman”, is the symbol of eternity and is the gem that every woman dreams to wear one day.