Points of differenciation of the Private Diamond Club over other fine jewelers.


Fine jeweler, specializing in upper quality diamonds, the Club “Private Diamond Club” is intended for a privileged clientele that can claim to have completed the acquisition of an exceptionally high quality diamond jewel or safe diamonds at very advantageous prices and total security.
– The prices are 40% to 50% lower than those found in traditional jewelers and watchmakers (supply and manufacturing at the source, no stock, no intermediaries and no outlet)
– The Private Diamond Club has no standard stock and each piece of jewelry  is custom-made according to customer’s specific request who choose among different models of the Club collections.
– The Private Diamond Club is located in the “Diamond Exchange Building” of the diamond district of Antwerp, the Diamond Capital of the World. In Antwerp are cut since the beginning of the last century the best diamonds of  exceptional quality.
– The range of diamond jewels offered by the Club is one of the largest of those available on the web. The Private Diamond Club is, to date, the only one with more than 100 different models. Whatever the model, from classic to more sophisticated models or fine jewelry.
– All diamond jewels are all made with diamonds directly sourced from the  cutting shops of Antwerp according to the higher values of the 8 quality criteria (Shape, Weight, Color, Clarity, Symmetry,  Proportions, Polishing and degree of fluorescence).
– For more than 0,50 carat weight, they are provided with the certificate issued by a worldwide recognized laboratories which make authority all over the the world: The HRD and IGI of Antwerp and the  GIA of New York.
– Creation and setting are made only by artists jewelers in Antwerp  whose expertise goes back several generations. (The productions from Asian countries are totally excluded contrary to what some jewelers offer.)
– The customer can choose a diamond that will be set on a selected frame by him. He can also provide a photograph or a drawing of a jewel he wishes to achieve. The Club will provide him with a specific quote and, after agreement, will manufacturer the customized jewel by their craftsmen jewelers on site in Antwerp.

A glittering world of diamond jewels in one click

The expertise of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp, diamantaire and on-line jeweler, is based on a long tradition of master-jewelers from Antwerp who are still attached, for several generations, to create from the finest diamonds, artistically and with passion,  diamond jewelry which is very appreciated by the high jeweler’s trade.

The officers of the Club, with their  experts jewelers  and with the  Antwerp cutting shops , contributed to the development of the diamond business in Antwerp and are, since long,  recognized specialists  in  the domain of  Antwerp diamonds,  jewels from Antwerp and  diamonds as a safe investment.

The price / quality ratio is exceptional since the on-line sales of jewels and diamonds to private individuals are directly shipped from Antwerp, diamond capital of the world, without intermediary nor selling point. The luxury to offer a diamond jewel of Antwerp is now affordable.

With the Private Diamond Club everything is possible and its experts are available any time and at your disposal to help you in your choice. The number of on-line presented models is important but the availability of models on inquiry is even much more:
– Diamond Rings :  diamond solitaire ring,  diamond ring,  diamond wedding ring, diamond ring you and me, trilogy diamond ring,

Diamond Engagement Rings : diamond solitaire, princess cut diamond solitaires, engagement  ring, surrounded diamond ring, accompanied diamond rings,

– Diamond Solitaires : Diamond solitaire rings,  diamond solitaire wedding ring, diamond accompanied solitaire,  diamond surrounded solitaire,  diamond 4 or 6 claws solitaire, diamond solitaire ring,

– Diamond Wedding Rings : diamond Alliances,  diamond marriage alliances, diamond wedding ring, half diamond wedding ring, broad wedding diamond ring, solitaire diamond wedding ring,

– Diamond Earrings :  diamond chips, diamond creoles, diamond pendant earrings, diamond earring,

– Diamond Pendants :  diamond solitaire pendant, diamond tears of love, diamond pendant, lace diamond pendant,

– Diamond Bracelets :  tennis diamond bangle, bracelet chains and diamond bangle,  diamond hard bracelets, diamond bracelet,

– Diamond Necklaces :  diamond river, articulated diamond necklace,  rigid collar diamond necklaces, diamond necklace,

–  Diamond Jewelry and natural diamonds – eternity diamond – eternity diamonds – Diamonds are for ever

The Club, which is open to all, is located in the heart of the diamond district of Antwerp in the famous Diamond Exchange Building of the diamond capital of the world.

Antwerp is internationally recognized for the excellence in the quality of its diamonds. The Private Diamond Club acquires them directly from the Antwerp cutting shops and from the diamond exchange center. The strict selection by the best experts in Antwerp, based on the eight quality criteria ( diamond shape, diamond weight, diamond color, diamond fluorescence, diamond clarity , diamond symmetry, diamond proportions and diamond finishes)  offers a unique value (see Diamond Education – The 8 quality criteria of the diamond) and ensures that the Kimberley Process guaranteeing that the diamonds come from legal sources, is strictly respected.

The Diamond pieces of jewelry of the Private Diamond Club are manufactured in the workshops  of the Club in Antwerp with upper  quality diamonds set on mounts out of  18 carats  gold or platinum. These diamonds are certified by one of the three largest independent laboratories,  recognized worldwide: the Hoge Raad Voor Diamant in Antwerp (HRD) – The Gemological Institute of America in New York (GIA) and the International Gemological Institute in Antwerp ( IGI).

The prices which are proposed directly to individuals on the internet site are, on average, 30 to 60% lower than those usually found on the market with traditional and high-street jewelers since they are exempted from costs of intermediaries, shops etc. …

Diamonds and diamond jewels are delivered free of charge from hand to hand, within 8 days, by the FEDERAL EXPRESS company. Timeliness is particularly sought.

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp offers a personalized service by phone or email. The clients are in contact with experts in diamond and in jewelry that will understand their expectations. They will provide the necessary information and advices, tailored to their particular case,  or  propose other models than those presented on the site to maximize all selected criteria in order to lead to the diamond peace of jewelry of their dreams.
Your satisfaction is our duty.
The Private Diamond Club Team

The luxury of Antwerp made fine jewelry is now available and the choice is incommensurate

  1. By buying directly from Antwerp, World Diamond Capital since 1447, the acquisitions are made at source from the cutting shops and manufacturers of Antwerp and Antwerp major exchange centers.
  2. The quality of the Antwerp diamond is internationally recognized as the best. The selection of diamonds from Antwerp experts combined with price negotiations between professionals, based on the eight quality criteria for the selection of a stone, allows to offer the best value for money (please make a link to Diamond Education – 8 quality criteria diamond )
  3. By buying directly from the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp you avoid any intermediary comissions (traders, exporters, importers, wholesalers) and operating costs of a traditional jewelry sales point. All this, combined with a particularly strict inventory management allows us to offer lower prices by 30% to 50%.
  4. The e-commerce website www.private-diamond-club.com is presenting online more than 12 000 certified diamonds and hundreds of diamond jewelry references, which is not commensurate with the choice that is offered in a traditional jewel-store.
  5. No compromise is made on the quality of each piece of jewelry, all made and set in Antwerp (and not in China or India …). All diamonds are certified by independent laboratories recognized worldwide. The materials used to manufacture the settings are strictly selected from precious metals providers ( 18 K plain gold yellow, white, pink or red, and platinum ) . Jewelers’ craftsmen hold a knowledge of several generations. Each jewelry piece meet the highest quality standards set for the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp in order to best satisfy the wishes of customers.

How to choose a jewel

I wish to offer a jewel but I have no idea on how to make this choice

The first question to ask is : who is the person you want to offer this jewel ? Is it just a friend, your spouse, a love passing etc…?

You should then observe her complexion (matte colored or white), the color of her eyes, her style (young style 30 years or older), clothing (classic, fashion or casual) her hair (hair color, long or short hair), the jewelry she wears (classic, modern or stylized, fancy jewelry or more traditional jewels), all indications that will be very useful to guide your decision. At this point you begin to have a vague idea of what might make her happy.

Consider also the conformation of the person. If she has a round face rather choose a long form of jewelry: shaped diamond drop earrings, a lying necklace or a diamond pendant. If she has a long neck opt for a ringer diamond necklace which will enhance her beauty.

For a diamond ring long fingers support all forms of rings (elongated, broad, with kitten diamond solitaire height, you and me or trilogies etc…). For short fingers, you should avoid rings with high volume.

For jewelry with precious stones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds) consider that the stone must be in harmony with her complexion, her style of outfits, her hair, the color of her eyes … etc.

You also may decide based on the symbolism of the stone given the usual mood and personality to whom the gemstone jewel is intended. Anyone has a favorite color… Her astrological sign may also have an influence on the choice you are going to make. Now you start to get a first “feeling” of the jewel you might choose…

More generally, the diamond is the gemstone most sought after and most appreciated by women because the diamond blends with all colors, all styles, all skin tones, all conformations and carries jewelry for all occasions with required more sophisticated to the most casual.

The diamond jewelry (diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants …) is “the best friend of the woman”, is the symbol of eternity and is the gem that every woman dreams to wear one day.

Your jewel directly from the diamond cutting shops of Antwerp

Directly from the cutting shops of Antwerp, The Private-diamond-club.com website sends you to the heart of the largest diamond market of the world and allows you to access without any intermediary (traders, importers) to Antwerp prices.
Indeed, Antwerp is known as the world capital of the diamond and an estimated 80% of rough diamonds are transfered through the cutting shops of Antwerp.
Thus, staying at home, you save 30 to 60% on different diamonds and pieces of jewelry.
The site offers over 12,000 diamonds and hundreds of models of rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants manufactured and assembled on site.

The Must : The Diamond search engine
The site offers you the opportunity to find the diamond of your dreams with a tool that allows you to select many criteria:

  • Diamond shape: round, princess, oval …
  • The weight in carats
  • The price
  • The color
  • The presence or not of fluorescence
  • The Clarity
  • The Proportions
  • The Symmetry
  • The quality of polishing ( finish )

You hesitate to buy a piece of jewelry value on the internet ?
All diamonds offered on Private-diamond-club.fr are certified by internationally recognized laboratories (HRD, GIA, IGI).

You’re impatient ?
Your purchases are delivered free of charge within 8 days and the secure transport is supported by FEDEX who gives you your parcel in person.

You are afraid that the part ordered does not match what you expect?
The site has a policy of return and exchange within the first 30 days.

Also, if you have a clear idea of the jewel of your dreams and you do not find it, it is possible to achieve your piece of jewelry by craftsmen jewelers of the site by sending them via a form, drawing or photo of your desire.

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp is launching, on-line, its e-commerce department of fine jewellery www.private-diamond-club.com

All jewels which are made to measure and set in Antwerp are proposed at lower prices of 40 % a 60 %.

Antwerp It is now possible to buy directly in Antwerp your pieces of fine jewellery, made to measure and of superior quality at exceptional prices, by visiting the new website www.private-diamond-club.com to discover a unique choice of diamond solitaires, diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets.

Antwerp diamondsThe Private Diamond Club supplies directly from the source with the diamonds cutting shops or with the diamond stock exchange of Antwerp.

In Antwerp, world capital of the diamond, are cut the diamonds of exceptional quality, respecting strictly the superior values of the 8 quality criteria (Color, Clarity, Proportions, Symmetry, Polishing, degree of Fluorescence, Weight and Shape).

artists jewelersEach piece of jewellery is created and made to measure in Antwerp by artists jewelers, of whom know-how goes back to several generations, according to the specific demand of each customer.
This customer can also choose a diamond which will be set on a setting selected among the various models of the collections of the Club.

He also can propose a photography or a drawing of a jewel which he wishes to see realizing ; the Club will then provide a quotation and, after agreement, will manufacture the personalized piece of jewellery by their artisans jewelers in Antwerp.

authenticity of the diamondsThe authenticity of the diamonds set on the 18 carats gold or platinum settings is guaranteed by one of the independent laboratories which make authority all over the world: The Gemological Institut of America of New York ( GIA) or the Hoge Raad Voor Diamant of Antwerp ( HRD) or the International Gemological Institut of Antwerp ( IGI).

The range of diamond jewels proposed by the Private Diamond Club is one of the most important choice offered on the Web. The on-line jeweler Private Diamond Club is the only one to present more than 50 diamond solitaires pieces, from the most classical to the most sophisticated models.

Please make a click to look at some selected pieces of jewellery

on-line jeweler


The prices proposed to individuals are, in equal quality, from 40 % to 60 % lower than those presented in the traditional circuits of sale. There is no intermediary and no selling point.

Delivery is made within 8 in 10 days by the department jewels of the FEDERAL EXPRESS Company which delivers all over the world at home and in person.

Contrary to the common thinking, to buy an on-line diamond jewel is much safer than in a traditional jeweller’s shop. The customer has all his time to inquire (please visit the EDUCATION heading on the site www.private-diamond-club.com) in particular to make sure of the respect for the 8 quality criteria which determine the value of the diamond, to compare the prices for diamonds of the same quality and to watch that the buying and delivery conditions are convenient for him or for her.

– How to ask for a quotation for the realization of a specific jewel?
– What are the working stages from rough to cut diamonds?
– What is the Kimberley Process?

The Private Diamond Club is located in the heart of the diamond district of the city of Antwerp, world capital of the diamond.
Diamond Exchange Building
Hoveniersstraat, 53
2018 – ANTWERP ( Belgium)
Telephon: + 32 3 227 08 20


Press Contact: norbert.aurelien@private-diamond-club.com

After gold, the next ten years will be the years of the diamond : diamond as a safe investment.

If the last years were those of Gold, the decade to come will be the years of the Diamond.

diamond safe investment The three main production companies of rough diamond – DE BEERS (South Africa), RIO TINTO ZINC ( Canada) and ALROSA ( Russia) – agree to say that the market for rough diamond was nearly on balance in 2010 with a demand equivalent to the production of about 135 million carats.
The consulting company, Bath and Company, mentioned in their last report that the demand will grow twice as fast as the offer to reach 247 millions of carats in 2020 compared to 175 millions of carats.
The world production increase will not be enough to fill the raising appetite of China, India, the Golf and soon of Brazil for precious stones and more particularly for diamond. The prices are thus going to grow inexorably.

Sergey VYBORNOV, President of the Russian ALROSA Company, is confirming this tendency by considering the explosion of the demand in China and in India (in China because of the fast development of the middle class and the number of millionaires pulling the expansion of the new markets for luxuries). To these markets a strong demand has to be added for the USA, the Golf and, in the years to come, the one to be foreseen in the emerging countries of Latin America like Brazil.

As an example the price of rough diamonds already increased by 29% in 2011. Consequently the prices of cut diamonds is in a sharp increase as indicated by the curve below.

polished diamond price

Last minute information: DE BEERS is betting on a diamond shortage and might consequently plan to reduce their production to extend the life lasting of their diamond mines. The impact on the prices would be immediate particularly for the upper quality stones which are mostly investment diamonds.

To invest in diamond as a safe investment

  • To invest in diamond presents numerous advantages as a safe investment, for inheritance and for a donation.
  • It is the long-term investment which will become more valuable over the years: the diamond is not a commodity for speculation on a short or middle term basis but a real value which is increasing on a long term basis according to offer and demand volumes.
  • A diamond investment does not provide an instant income but can add value to the original investment amount.
  • The value of diamonds is not bound to that of the currencies: Diamonds are not used to guarantee currencies like Gold do.
  • Excellent safe investment in period of disorder, diamond is universally accepted as a bargaining chip and as a hedge against inflation.
  • Diamond is a discreet and easily transportable investment. The value compared to the weight is very high since one carat of diamond corresponds to 0.20 gram. The value of a diamond can represent one or several golden bars.
  • The investment in diamond does not require any special management. Placed in a safe for security reasons diamonds are durable, unchanging and available at any time.



A GIA diamond certificate as an example

diamond certificateThe Private Diamond Club of Antwerp is an expert in diamonds as a safe investment.
Diamond Exchange Building
Hoveniersstraat, 53
2018 – ANTWERP ( Belgium )
Telephone : + 32 3 227 08 20
Press Contact : norbert.aurelien@private-diamond-club.com

What is the composition of diamond?

What connection is there between a lump of coal and this sumptuous stone that adorns most engagement rings? The composition of diamond

Carbon is the principal chemical element that composes the diamond. In fact, graphite or charcoal, under enormous temperature and pressure, saw its carbon atoms to draw nearer and especially to organize. Connections have been established between atoms creating very strong links between them.

While the structure of graphite is made of sheets (which tend to slide over each other), the structure or diamond is made of atoms which connections between them are directed in three directions.


This difference in the layout of the same atoms explains the differences in properties:

  • – Conduction of current: the graphite is conductive (current flowing between the layers), diamond is an insulator
  • – Heat conduction: the diamond is an excellent conductor of heat, the graphite is moderately
  • – Transparency: as everyone has noticed, graphite is opaque, diamond is transparent.
  • – Hardness: that of diamond is 10 on the Mohs scale (diamond can only be cut by another diamond) that of graphite is 2 on the same scale.

At the compression and processing of graphite over time, impurities may have been trapped in its structure.

Mechanical impurities that may be in the rough diamond, will hinder the path of light rays in the stone and reduce its brilliance. The cutter does everything possible to eliminate most mechanical impurities during the cut.

Chemical impurities, present in the form of some foreign atoms that are found trapped in the structure are themselves popular because they are the ones that give color so rare diamonds: the structure are themselves popular because they are the ones that give color so rare diamonds: Yellow for nitrogen atoms, blue for boron atoms or for titanium atoms.

The price of “the” carat or the price of carat ?

The global reference to which refer the diamond industry around the world to fix the price of carat is the “Rapaport Diamond Report” that reflects the state of the global market.
It contains the diamond carat reference price, classified into 18 tables. Each table corresponds to a weight range of the stone you want to know the price.

Thus, in September, the benchmark price of a diamond weighing between 0.50 and 0.69 carat, clarity G – VS1 is $ Y per carat. If the stone weighs 0.62 carat, the price will be $ 0.62 x Y.

For a stone of 1.20 carat G – VS1, it will search the reference value in Table 1.00 to 1.49 carat. The price is $ X per carat.
But, for the same quality G – VS1, X is two times higher than Y !!!
Because the price per carat of a diamond weighing 1.00 carats to 1.49 is more than 2 times higher than the price per carat of a diamond weighing from 0.50 to 0.69 carat.

This means that in this example, you can have 4 diamonds of 0.50 carat for the price of a 1 carat diamond !!!

Choosing a diamond

Buying a diamond is a major investment and should take all precautions not to make any mistake.

The first step (essential) is to set the budget you want to spend.

Then select the shape of the diamond knowing that round (brilliant cut with 57 facts ) being the most sought after, it is about 20% more expensive than the so-called fancy shapes (princess, pear, emerald, etc …). This is also the cut that gives maximum brilliance to the diamond.

You will then decide if weight is favored (ie size), the color and / or purity.

In the case of a diamond to be set on a mount, commonly used grades are H / SI1 – G / VS1 or VS2 or F / VVS1 VVS2 for high level jewelry.

The colors D and E are often reserved for investment diamonds.

It is important to choose a zero fluorescence to prevent your ring does not surprise you in a room containing a UV lamp.
But do not forget that 20-40% of the price of your diamond depends on the quality of how it was cut (symmetry, proportions, finish). From this quality depends largely radiance and beauty of your stone.

To give the best to its customers, Private Diamond Club selects in the cutting shops of Antwerp, whose reputation is well established, diamonds whose criteria of symmetry, proportions and finishes are excellent or very good.
In all cases, it is appropriate for stones greater than 0.50 carat weight, to obtain the gemological certificate issued by one of three internationally renowned laboratories (HRD, GIA or IGI).