A diamond moment! Forever in love.

If we turn back the clocks to when the cave men existed, the ring which was normally made from garlands and flowers, were given to a woman as a symbol of ownership by the male. This symbolism of ring giving still exists but has since become a joint decision between the man and the woman.

Engagement rings have been used for centuries but the use of diamonds was relatively recent. The main reason for this was because diamonds were not available on the world market. It was only in the 1870’s when miners began to find diamonds that we began to see more and more diamonds being used so prolifically. However, a rare occurrence took place in 1477 when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave a diamond ring to Mary of Burgundy.

Most of us will always associate an engagement with the giving of a diamond ring but the tradition was owing to a marketing campaign started by De Beers back in the late 1930s. Frances Gerety wrote the slogan ‘A Diamond Is Forever‘ and it has appeared in every De Beers engagement advertisement since 1948.

Frances Gerety

Did you know?

Thousands of years ago the Greeks and Romans believed that a vein from the fourth finger in the left hand ran directly to the heart. By placing a ring on this finger was a way to be in direct contact with the vena amoris… the ‘vein of love’. Although this has been proved to be untrue, the tradition has continued right through to today.

The name ‘diamond‘ comes from the Greek word ‘Adamao‘ which means unconquerable – suggesting the eternity of love. Since ancient Greece, diamonds and diamond jewellery have been the traditional symbol of love, and the ancients believed they were hardened dew drops, splinters from the stars or crystallized lightning.

The Private Diamond Club are proud of the wonderful collection of diamond engagement and wedding rings and share the sentiment that diamonds are a true symbol of love!