Your jewel directly from the diamond cutting shops of Antwerp

Directly from the cutting shops of Antwerp, The website sends you to the heart of the largest diamond market of the world and allows you to access without any intermediary (traders, importers) to Antwerp prices.
Indeed, Antwerp is known as the world capital of the diamond and an estimated 80% of rough diamonds are transfered through the cutting shops of Antwerp.
Thus, staying at home, you save 30 to 60% on different diamonds and pieces of jewelry.
The site offers over 12,000 diamonds and hundreds of models of rings, wedding rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants manufactured and assembled on site.

The Must : The Diamond search engine
The site offers you the opportunity to find the diamond of your dreams with a tool that allows you to select many criteria:

  • Diamond shape: round, princess, oval …
  • The weight in carats
  • The price
  • The color
  • The presence or not of fluorescence
  • The Clarity
  • The Proportions
  • The Symmetry
  • The quality of polishing ( finish )

You hesitate to buy a piece of jewelry value on the internet ?
All diamonds offered on are certified by internationally recognized laboratories (HRD, GIA, IGI).

You’re impatient ?
Your purchases are delivered free of charge within 8 days and the secure transport is supported by FEDEX who gives you your parcel in person.

You are afraid that the part ordered does not match what you expect?
The site has a policy of return and exchange within the first 30 days.

Also, if you have a clear idea of the jewel of your dreams and you do not find it, it is possible to achieve your piece of jewelry by craftsmen jewelers of the site by sending them via a form, drawing or photo of your desire.

The Private Diamond Club of Antwerp is launching, on-line, its e-commerce department of fine jewellery

All jewels which are made to measure and set in Antwerp are proposed at lower prices of 40 % a 60 %.

Antwerp It is now possible to buy directly in Antwerp your pieces of fine jewellery, made to measure and of superior quality at exceptional prices, by visiting the new website to discover a unique choice of diamond solitaires, diamond rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond pendants, diamond necklaces and diamond bracelets.

Antwerp diamondsThe Private Diamond Club supplies directly from the source with the diamonds cutting shops or with the diamond stock exchange of Antwerp.

In Antwerp, world capital of the diamond, are cut the diamonds of exceptional quality, respecting strictly the superior values of the 8 quality criteria (Color, Clarity, Proportions, Symmetry, Polishing, degree of Fluorescence, Weight and Shape).

artists jewelersEach piece of jewellery is created and made to measure in Antwerp by artists jewelers, of whom know-how goes back to several generations, according to the specific demand of each customer.
This customer can also choose a diamond which will be set on a setting selected among the various models of the collections of the Club.

He also can propose a photography or a drawing of a jewel which he wishes to see realizing ; the Club will then provide a quotation and, after agreement, will manufacture the personalized piece of jewellery by their artisans jewelers in Antwerp.

authenticity of the diamondsThe authenticity of the diamonds set on the 18 carats gold or platinum settings is guaranteed by one of the independent laboratories which make authority all over the world: The Gemological Institut of America of New York ( GIA) or the Hoge Raad Voor Diamant of Antwerp ( HRD) or the International Gemological Institut of Antwerp ( IGI).

The range of diamond jewels proposed by the Private Diamond Club is one of the most important choice offered on the Web. The on-line jeweler Private Diamond Club is the only one to present more than 50 diamond solitaires pieces, from the most classical to the most sophisticated models.

Please make a click to look at some selected pieces of jewellery

on-line jeweler

The prices proposed to individuals are, in equal quality, from 40 % to 60 % lower than those presented in the traditional circuits of sale. There is no intermediary and no selling point.

Delivery is made within 8 in 10 days by the department jewels of the FEDERAL EXPRESS Company which delivers all over the world at home and in person.

Contrary to the common thinking, to buy an on-line diamond jewel is much safer than in a traditional jeweller’s shop. The customer has all his time to inquire (please visit the EDUCATION heading on the site in particular to make sure of the respect for the 8 quality criteria which determine the value of the diamond, to compare the prices for diamonds of the same quality and to watch that the buying and delivery conditions are convenient for him or for her.

– How to ask for a quotation for the realization of a specific jewel?
– What are the working stages from rough to cut diamonds?
– What is the Kimberley Process?

The Private Diamond Club is located in the heart of the diamond district of the city of Antwerp, world capital of the diamond.
Diamond Exchange Building
Hoveniersstraat, 53
2018 – ANTWERP ( Belgium)
Telephon: + 32 3 227 08 20

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