Gorgeous Jewellery to Brighten Up your Summer Wardrobe

As you prepare to spring clean your wardrobe to reflect the change of seasons, why not brighten up your jewellery box with one of our stylish diamond rings? Each jewel in the Private Diamond Club collection is named after a flower in French, offering a wonderful array of floral jewellery to match floaty, pretty, summer fashion.

Vintage Glamour with Black & White Diamond Jewels

Next Tuesday sees the start of the 69th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Along with being the world’s most famous celebration of cinema, the event, which runs from the 11th – 26th of May on the French Riviera, offers ample opportunity to star gaze as Hollywood’s A list arrive at both screenings and parties […]

Which diamond ring to wear this season?

Private Diamond Club presents an amazing collection of diamond rings. Discover some new models of diamond rings that will, for sure, attract one’s attention. Spiral diamond ring with pink and white gold, called Pourpier, is a wide, golden spiral ring, very fashionable thanks to its shape and the union of two colors of 18k gold – […]

The three colored precious stones (rubies, saphires and emeralds)

Each colored precious stone ( Rubies, Sapphires ans Emeralds ) is just unique. 1. Color Like diamonds, coloured precious stones are cut to reflect the maximum amount of light that is cought by the stones. The length of the path on which the light is reflected inside the stone, influences the absoption of light, and therefore […]

Points of differenciation of the Private Diamond Club over other fine jewelers.

THE CLUB WHICH ALLOWS YOU TO ACQUIRE, DIRECTLY FROM ANTWERP, A LUXURY DIAMOND JEWEL WITH AN OUTSTANDING PRICE /QUALITY RATIO. Fine jeweler, specializing in upper quality diamonds, the Club “Private Diamond Club” is intended for a privileged clientele that can claim to have completed the acquisition of an exceptionally high quality diamond jewel or safe […]

A glittering world of diamond jewels in one click

The expertise of the Private Diamond Club of Antwerp, diamantaire and on-line jeweler, is based on a long tradition of master-jewelers from Antwerp who are still attached, for several generations, to create from the finest diamonds, artistically and with passion,  diamond jewelry which is very appreciated by the high jeweler’s trade. The officers of the […]

How to choose a jewel

I wish to offer a jewel but I have no idea on how to make this choice The first question to ask is : who is the person you want to offer this jewel ? Is it just a friend, your spouse, a love passing etc…? You should then observe her complexion (matte colored or […]

Your jewel directly from the diamond cutting shops of Antwerp

Directly from the cutting shops of Antwerp, The Private-diamond-club.com website sends you to the heart of the largest diamond market of the world and allows you to access without any intermediary (traders, importers) to Antwerp prices. Indeed, Antwerp is known as the world capital of the diamond and an estimated 80% of rough diamonds are transfered […]