The color of diamonds

Natural processes affecting diamonds are numerous, as numerous as all  colors of the rainbow. A truly transparent diamond is just a myth, a precious jewel only affordable by experts. The following is there to introduce the myths and the processes concerning transparent and colored diamond.

The myth of transparency

The transparency of a diamond is a worldwide recognized  symbol of clarity. But everyone who is telling you  that all diamonds are absolutely transparent would be wrong. The shade between a transparent one and others may be hard to see or could sometimes not be seen with the naked eye. Somehow, it could result from an alteration of the gemstone. A lettering system from D to Z allows you to value the clarity of every single diamond. This system allows everyone to approach the shades of the gemstones. Yellow, brown and grey are the main natural taints, as they can range from I to R letters, depending on the color grade. Other colors, such as red or blue, could be obtained by electronic manipulations.

Yellow, pink  or blue naturally colored diamonds

Did you recently dream of a colored diamond ? If so, you were close to the reality. Yellow, brown, pink and blue diamond gemstones have been discovered all around the world. These are the main taints of diamonds, even if we’d have to admit that blue ones are the rarest. Therefore, they are among the most wanted. Boron is responsible for the blue taint. Yellow or brown gemstones mostly result from the presence of nitrogen. Other rarer naturally-colored gemstones are, in order of appearance, green, grey or almost black, pink, orange and purple.

All the colors could be found in diamonds

Red, blue, green, purple, orange, pink or black diamonds could therefore come from natural gemstones’ mines or be enhanced by some processes. When looking at a diamond, just remember this : enhanced colors may correspond to scientific manipulations such as irradiation. Irradiation could turn natural diamonds into enhanced colored gemstones. Any affordable tainted diamond has been treated in order to enrich the color.