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Which diamond ring to wear this season?

Private Diamond Club presents an amazing collection of diamond rings. Discover some new models of diamond rings that will, for sure, attract one’s attention.

Spiral diamond ring with pink and white gold, called Pourpier, is a wide, golden spiral ring, very fashionable thanks to its shape and the union of two colors of 18k gold – white and pink. This golden ring will cost online only 3 000 euro (so about 2 700 euro less than the same ring offered on the market). Pourpier will match all outfits and styles. Everybody will notice this amazing, wide, sparkling and eye-catching ring on female finger!

Private Diamond Club offers as well some original models of diamond rings, like Bouvardia, or Galax with four intertwined rings made with 18 k gold and 17 small diamonds. It’s up to the client to choose the color of the gold setting (it can be yellow, white, or a pink). By ordering Bouvardia diamond ring on Private Diamond Club website, you can save up to 1 480 euro! On the other hand, you can save even 2 590 euro by buying Galax online!

Lady diamond wedding band, called Pimprenelle belongs as well to the collection of wide diamond rings that «are really in» this season. Pimprenelle is paved with 123 diamonds set on the 18 k gold setting, 8 mm wide. This jewelry is available in yellow, white and pink gold. Pimprenelle will be the cherry on the top of the wedding dress, but as well of a special outfit for an important evening, meeting, conference, festival, or party.

For these who prefer traditional diamond rings, Private Diamond Club offers fine gold and 0.11 ct diamond journey ring called Volubilis 17! This ring is decorated with a ribbon of 23 diamonds that are making this jewelry look special and charming.

All diamonds offered on Private Diamond Club are sent to the clients with special certification given by independent laboratories: The Hoge Raad Voor Diamant (HRD), The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), The International Gemological Institute (IGI). All orders will be delivered within 8 days, without any additional costs.

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The three colored precious stones (rubies, saphires and emeralds)

Each colored precious stone ( Rubies, Sapphires ans Emeralds ) is just unique.

1. Color

Like diamonds, coloured precious stones are cut to reflect the maximum amount of light that is cought by the stones. The length of the path on which the light is reflected inside the stone, influences the absoption of light, and therefore the stone’s colour. This means a clear coloured precious stone can have a certain height and a cut in the appropiate shape that elongates the path the light follows inside the stone, which results in a more intense colour.

The opposite is true for a darker coloured gemstone, this must have a more flat shape.

In coloured precious stones, the size is mostly responsible for it’s beauty ; it enhances the colour and personality of the stone. Coloured gemstones have the ablility to reflect the light in different colours, depending on the angle in which the stone is being held. This phenomena is called « pleochronism ». This effect can be weak, medium or strong. This is why the ruby, which has a very strong variation in colour ranging from orange red to deep carmine red, when the stone is observed in different angles.

Inclusions that influence the purity of the diamond and therefore it’s value, don’t have as much of an effect in coloured gemstones. They often even contribute to the visible qualities of a certain stone.

Coloured gemstones are transparent objects, like diamonds. They also absorb, let pass through and reflect the light like diamonds, but in a more modest way.

If a precious stone doesn’t contain any metal, as is the case with pure diamonds, all light passes through. Each metal that is included in the composition of the gemstone (chrome, iron, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel, vanadium) absorbs a specific wave length in the light directed at the stone. If the stone, like ruby, contains chrome, blue and green in the light are absorbed and the stone appears red. The same phenomenon, but with different chemicals in the composition, appears in sapphires and emeralds.

The extreme variety of metals and amounts of these metals captured in the composition of the stone, is responsible for an infinite choice in colour and hue.

Because of that you can truly say that every gemstone, even more than for a diamond, is unique.

2. Authenticity certificates for colored precious stones

In contradiction to diamonds, coloured gemstones are not evaluated with help of international criteria. Therefore the stones must always be certified by the international laboratories HRD, GIA or IGI after being purchased. The criteria that are most important for this evaluation besides the physical description of the stone (its size and weight) are : origin of the stone, tone, uniformity and vivaciousnes of the colour, purity and size (proportions and symmetry).

Purchasing a coloured gemstone, if the origin of the stone is guaranteed, will always be a very personal and therefore subjective process.

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